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Dear Friends,


During this holiday season, we are reminded of the profound suffering and loss experienced by children in war-torn regions around the world. It's a reminder of the privilege we have in living and raising our children in a relatively safe and peaceful country.

For those inclined to give locally this holiday season, I urge you to consider the impact of poverty and hunger on children in Montreal. Sadly, our region has seen a staggering number of families in need, with almost 900,000 requests for food assistance this year alone. In Greater Montreal, 642,257 children rely on food assistance programs.


This year, D.J. Sports Club is striving to make a tangible difference by aiming to raise $20,000. With this, we aim to provide 65 families (comprising over 150 children) with a $300 grocery card each. Dexter John and I personally oversee the delivery of these cards. I assure you, the need is real, and your generosity will significantly impact families in our community.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyful holiday season. Your support ensures there's no mistaking the difference we can make together.


Warm regards

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