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DJ Sports Club Inc, is a non-profit charitable organization established in 1996 for youth crime prevention. Through an emphasized use of basketball, education, socialization, and technology, It became one of the largest youth organizations in Greater Montreal and surrounding communities.


It has evolved to meet the educational, social,  and economic needs of the communities it serves. Today, as the world transitions to the new economy, DJSC is striving not only to remain relevant, but to also be a leader in building the future leaders of tomorrow. 

Our Team 

Board of Directors 


Founder and Consultant

Kelly Mackay

Special External Relations

Program Director

Roger Redman

Coach and Basketball Coordinator

Dexter O. John

Dexter O. John

Kelly Mackay

François Trudel

Otis Delaney

Eric Roberts

Vako Ohanian

Shawn Browne 

Camp Director

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