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Age Categories

Small Ball (6-7)
Mini (10-11)
Bantam (12-13)
Midget (14-15)
Juvenile (16-17)

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Unlock your child's basketball potential with DJ Sports Basketball Summer Camp. Join us for a summer of hoop dreams and skill enhancement at DJ Sports Basketball Summer Camp. Led by certified coaches, our program offers a dynamic blend of skill development, strategic insights, and pure fun. From refining shooting techniques to delving into game analysis, campers experience growth while creating lasting memories on the court. DJ Sports Camp is not just a training ground blend of skill development, strategic insights, and pure fun under the sun.


Embark on a transformative journey of basketball mastery with the Shawn Brown Elite Basketball Camp, an unparalleled experience meticulously crafted for seasoned players seeking to elevate their game. Under the guidance of acclaimed coaches, participants delve into an intensive training regimen that transcends conventional boundaries. The camp caters to individuals hungry for a challenge, fostering a competitive atmosphere that fuels skill refinement and strategic thinking.

DJ sports offers five summer basketball camps from June 26th to August 11th for your children to master their basketball skills and meet new friends. Our camps welcome any type of player, from beginners to experience aged from 7 - 16.

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